What industries is graphene used in?

·Transparent electrodes

·Touch screen


·Conductive inks

·RFID tags



·Conductive additives
in Li-ion batteries


·Fuel cells

·Solar cells






Thermal management

2D Carbon Graphene

Mobility ~ 200,000 cm2 / V·s

Electrical conductivity ~ 106 S/cm

Fracture strength ~ 130 Gpa

Transmittance ~ 97.7%

Thermal conductivity ~ 3,000 W/m·k

Surface area ~ 2,630 m2 / g


·ESD, EMI and RFI paints



·Oxygen barrier coatings


·Polymer composites

·EMI shielding

·Graphene alloys

·Wind turbines


·Chemical and gas sensors


·IR sensors


KB ELEMENT’s project specially designed for inactive graphene industry is…

Growth Goals through Technology Development

KB ELEMENT targets to develop and manufacture new graphene and intermediate materials and grow towards new graphene industry. It is the only manufacturer and provider of graphene-related materials in the Republic of Korea.

KB ELEMENT’s graphene belongs to innovative growth industry, not future growth industry.
We will be the first to go public in graphene industry.
We promise that we would help Korean materials manufacturers take over world markets and evolve into a global graphene leader.